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Information Security Office (ISO)

The Information Security Office (ISO) continuously strives for daily operational excellence to ensure the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of University of Utah information technology systems and data through exploitation of appropriate security resources and best practices.

ISO comprises four areas (see org chart): Enterprise security; governance, risk, and compliance; Identity and Access Management (IAM); and security assurance.

On Demand

July 2018 MacAdmin meeting:
"Auditing Mac Logs Overview,"
by Dustin Udy, ISO Enterprise Security

Helpful Links

Secure those passwords! 

Familiarize yourself with the University of Utah's password requirements and guidelines.

 UofU IT News and Information

Security Advisories

MS-ISAC Advisories can be found HERE.

US-CERT Alerts can be found HERE.

It's our shared responsibility to stay safe online

Although the 2018 National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) campaign is over, it's never too late check up on your cyber hygiene. Visit UIT's NCSAM website for more information, including such topics as basic information security; network and physical security; education and jobs in cybersecurity at the University of Utah; and training opportunities for U employees.

Enroll in Duo 2FA

Beware of phishing [video]



Last Updated: 11/1/18